The GDPR is no joke and neither are the fines for non-compliance. If your site is using WordPress to gather information from people in the European Union, you could be at risk.

While WordPress has systems in place to export or erase data from your site, it does not touch data stored elsewhere. This is a huge problem. GDPR compliance requires you to provide end users with an export of and/or erase ALL of the data your business gathers.

Using Privacy WP completes this process.

Privacy WP interacts with third-party sites, assembling the data into a single location and allowing you to then manage the data as needed. No longer do you, the site owner, need to worry about manually searching all of the data sources. Privacy WP does the work for you.

And, because missing even one data source can create a whole world of trouble, limit your risk by getting Privacy WP today. Don't wait for problems to arise. Let Privacy WP be your perfect assist to GDPR compliance.

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