Using Drip for your marketing automation is a great way to boost engagement with your customers. It also stores a good deal of personally identifiable information on your subscribers. This information is subject to GDPR compliance, which means you'll need to export and erase information from Drip if a subscriber requests you do so.

Privacy WP will connect to your Drip account and export or erase the data for GDPR purposes. Privacy WP does this by connecting with the built-in WordPress export and erase tools so you don't have to figure out how to export or erase the data from inside Drip.

Drip GDPR Data Export

The following is a list of the type of data that Privacy WP includes in the Drip GDPR Data Export file:

  • Subscriber's ID
  • Status (active, unsubscribed, etc.)
  • Email address
  • Time zone
  • Time zone's UTC offset
  • Visitor's Unique ID (UUID)
  • Any custom fields
  • Any tags
  • Date/time the subscriber was created in Drip
  • The subscriber's IP address
  • The subscriber's browser information (user agent)
  • Lifetime value of the subscriber (if available)
  • Original referrer of the subscriber
  • Landing URL
  • Prospect
  • Base lead score
  • EU consent
  • Lead score
  • User ID
  • Links

Drip GDPR Erasure Request

When a subscriber requests to be deleted from your Drip account, all of the information stored on them will be deleted immediately. This process is not reversible, and therefore we recommend suggesting to the subscriber that they "unsubscribe" from your list rather than be deleted permanently.

For more information on the difference between unsubscribing and deleting a subscriber in Drip, please see this help document from Drip.

Get Privacy WP for Drip GDPR Export and Erasure


€29 per year
  • 1 year of support and updates for 1 website


€39 per year
  • 1 year of support and updates for up to 5 websites


€89 per year
  • 1 year of support and updates for unlimited websites