Help Scout is a powerful customer support platform, which can hold a lot of private information on your customers. This personally identifiable information is subject to GDPR compliance rules, which means you should be able to show your customers the personal information you have stored on them in Help Scout.

Privacy WP will connect to your Help Scout account and incorporate all of the customer profile data that you have stored for your customer with the built-in WordPress export or erase tools. To see what data is exported and erased, please see below:

Help Scout GDPR Data Export

Data that is included in the export:

  • Customer ID
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Photo URL
  • Photo type
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Organization name
  • Job title
  • Location
  • Date/time customer profile was created
  • Date/time customer profile was last modified
  • Background (notes)
  • Address
  • Social profiles
  • Emails
  • Phone numbers
  • Chats
  • Websites

Help Scout GDPR Erase Request

When a customer requests to be erased, Privacy WP will anonymize their profile in Help Scout. This is an important distinction because their account will still technically remain in Help Scout. However, their name, address, and other personally identifiable information will be anonymized.

We anonymize rather than delete the customer's account because Help Scout's API does not currently allow for deleting customers.

The customer's first name will be changed to "Anonymous" and their last name will be "Customer" (full name: Anonymous Customer).

The customer's address will be changed to 123 Anonymous St, Anonymous, AL 12345 United States.

All other information listed in the data export section above will be deleted from the customer's account.

Please note: conversations will still remain in Help Scout, however they will not be able to be traced back to the original customer since their account will be anonymized.

Get Privacy WP for Help Scout GDPR Export and Erasure


€29 per year
  • 1 year of support and updates for 1 website


€39 per year
  • 1 year of support and updates for up to 5 websites


€89 per year
  • 1 year of support and updates for unlimited websites