If you use MailChimp for your email newsletters, you have a good deal of personally identifiable information about your subscribers in your list. This personally identifiable information is subject to GDPR compliance rules. This means that if a subscriber asks you to show them the personal information you have stored about them, you'll need to include everything from your MailChimp list.

Privacy WP will connect to your MailChimp account and incorporate all of the data stored in your account with the WordPress export or erase tools. This integration is pretty comprehensive, and includes everything that's stored in MailChimp for the subscriber.

MailChimp GDPR Data Export

Data that is included in the export:

  • MailChimp subscriber ID
  • Email address
  • Unique email ID
  • Email Type (html, plain text)
  • Status (subscribed, unsubscribed, etc.)
  • Merge Fields (FNAME, LNAME, any other custom merge fields)
  • Interests (currently a comma separated list of interests and whether or not the subscriber is included in that interest.)
  • Stats (average open rate, average click rate)
  • Signup IP address
  • Signup timestamp
  • Opt-in IP address
  • Opt-in timestamp
  • Member rating (1-5 calculated by MailChimp)
  • Last changed (date/time)
  • Language
  • VIP (yes/no)
  • Preferred email client
  • Location (latitude, longitude, GMT offset, DST offset, country code, timezone)
  • List ID

MailChimp GDPR Erase Request

When a subscriber requests to be erased, Privacy WP will delete them from your lists.

There is an important difference between "deleting" a subscriber versus "unsubscribing" them. Deleted subscriber's profiles and related data will be removed from your list and can't be recovered. Deleted subscribers can also be added back to your list, so if you need to make sure they aren't accidentally re-added, unsubscribe them instead.

To unsubscribe a contact from your list, you should direct them to the unsubscribe link in the footer of your email, or allow your subscribers to update their information on their own.

Get Privacy WP for MailChimp GDPR Export and Erasure


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